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The Sewing Center 

Our Sewing Center is equipped with state of the industry equipment.  If there is no class on our calendar, then the sewing center is available for open sewing,  We would encourage you to call ahead to ensure space availability.  It is an all inclusive experience so all you need to bring is your project materials and we have everything else covered*.  Daily rates based on the machine.  If you just want to come and take advantage of our cutting and works space it is only $15 for the day.  Contact us for Group or Retreat pricing.

*Daily rate does not include stabilizer and thread.  Pre-wound bobbins in limited colors are included.


Sew Center Rules:

  • Clean Up after yourself. Please leave your area looking the way you arrived, if not better! 
  • No pattern Sharing. We believe in supporting designers and artists. (It's also kinda like stealing)
  • Be nice. It's stating the obvious, but we want to ensure everyone gets the memo.
  • Have Fun. It's supposed to be fun.

The Sewing Daily Rates


Luminaire 2Luminaire Sewing 
$15 for the day 


Luminaire Sewing & Embroidery

$35 for the day