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Heartbreak on YouTube

Hello Beautiful Golden Anchor Quilting Community, 

We are so heartbroken! We planned for weeks, we had 3 live test runs with everything running smoothly. We transported fabric, samples, and inspiration into the studio to make this YouTube LIVE amazing! 

Tonight, at 5:58pm we pushed "GO LIVE" in our YouTube channel and all we got was a spinning wheel that said "going live" with nothing actualy happening. We rebooted everything, multiple times, we tried on our iPad, on our phones, on another computer to no avail. We saw how many of you were waiting there for our adventure to begin, and no matter how much we wanted it to work, it just wouldn't work. 

I sit here, typing this, with tears streaming down my face. Not because I wanted to be a YouTube star, but because I let our community down tonight. I don't know when, and I don't know how, but I will get this right, I will have weekly live videos to keep everyone up to date on shop news and all the fun things we have in store for you. 

When I can stop the tears, and see through my glasses again, I will type up all the awesomeness we had planned to share tonight, and send it out in a newsletter. 

Thank you to all of you who tried to join us, we are so sorry that we weren't there for you. 

In Stitches, 
Louisa, Darren, and the crew at Golden Anchor Quilting