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New Name and Design Contest

Hello Four Pines Community!

We have a big and exciting announcement to make! We will be changing the name of Four Pines Quilting to....(drum roll please)


Golden Anchor Quilting!

We are taking steps to get the name changed on all of the platforms, and there are a lot of spots to make the changes! 

The name was chosen because when I (Louisa) was going through tough times in my life, my Mom would tell me to put my dreams on a magical golden anchor, tie it to myself with an unbreakable thread, toss it out into the future and know and believe in the core of my being that I would get to that dream some day! Having a shop like this, and a community like this to inspire and be inspired by was one of those golden anchor dreams! 

Now for the contest part! We need to design a new logo for the shop! If you have an idea for what we might use for the logo, get it onto paper or into an email to and we will enter it into our contest! Some of the ideas we have had (but we aren't good at drawing lol) inlcude an anchor shape that could be made into a quilt block, golden thread with a needle writing the name, or an anchor with a heart shape included some how. If your design is chosen to be the final logo, you will win a $100 gift card to the new Golden Anchor Quilting! Submit your ideas by February 1! 

Some new classes have been added since our last newsletter and they have been filling up fast! Here is some overview information about the classes:

January 17 @ 9:30am we have the Stained Glass Lit Block Class  The Sunday class is already full! We will make two embroidered designs thsat look like stained glass to go on the outside of a glass block that lights from the inside and glows! These designs can be changed with the seasons! 


February 11 @ 10:00am Kimberbell Confetti Table Topper Make an adorable table topper with our new Celebrate with Hershey line of fabric just in time for Valentine's Day!


March 21 @ 10:00am Be Colorful Starlight Starter Kit Jacqueline De Jonge intro to paper piecing class. No paper piecing experience? No problem! Come learn the beauty and precision of paper piecing with this colorful beginner friendly kit! All materials and lunch provided! We will build skills here to work towards some of Jacqueline De Jonge's more complicated and stunning pieces!

We continue to thrive on the energy and enthusiasm our community brings to the shop and to us! Please come see us at the new Golden Anchor Quilting!

In Stitches, 

Louisa, Darren, Izzy, and the whole crew at Golden Anchor Quilting (Formerly and fondly known as Four Pines Quilting)