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Machine Quilting

We only do end-to-end all over quilting. Custom work such as free hand, echo stitching, and borders are not available.

Expedited service
In some instances, expedited services may be required, 3-day service is available for an extra $50- and one-week service is available for an extra $30. Less than 3-day service may be available at the discretion of the Machine Quilter.

All patterns currently installed on the quilt machine are available at no extra cost. We will be happy to purchase and use any pattern from or however, there is a one time $5 service charge for download and installation of the pattern.

We have a wide variety of thread to choose from, or you may provide your own. Metallic thread has a $10 service charge.

A variety of batting is available for purchase however you may choose to provide your own batting. In rare cases we have not been able to work with the batting provided, if such is the case you will notified and other arrangements will need to be made.

Basic Quilting:

Size Max Size Price
Craft 46" x 36" $30
Crib 46" x 60" $50
Throw 60" x 72" $75
Twin 72" x 93" $115
Full/Double 93" x 96" $150
Queen 96" x 108" $180
King 108" x 122" $225

Pattern Service:

Metallic Thread: $10
Expedited Service:
3 day $50
7 day $30